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It’s almost time! Cyber Monday mega-deals await.

These days, most sane people enjoy sleeping in past 4AM, actively avoid grumpy mobs of people at big box retailers, and like to enjoy peaceful and easy-going days off.  That’s why Cyber Monday is such a splendid idea.  Because no matter how cold it may be outside, you can still be warm on your cozy couch, racking in equal or better deals online than the aptly named Black Friday.  Still not convinced?  Starting December 1st, ALL WEEK through Friday Dec. 5th, some of our most popular products will be on sale, such as: USB adapters, travel adapters, power strips, the Auto-Lock, and wireless MP3 headphones.

Come on down! The price is right:

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International Travel For The Holidays

funnyholidayplaneAhh, the holidays.  A time for celebrating the important things in life with the people we cherish the most.  Even if that means traveling far and wide, we do so without question, because we know that’s what really matters.  Often, this even involves international travel.  And low and behold there will be some planning involved, especially if you plan to capture memories and maybe take care of some business on the side by bringing your electronics and accessories.  For the uninitiated, or those with limited experience, we’ve come up with a handy step by step guide to making sure you have an (electronically) seamless holiday, and more time to spend with your loved ones.

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Inner Wire Colors & Safety

China_electric_wire201112309025410When handling electrical wire, it’s imperative to understand and differentiate the corresponding color codes. Knowing the electrical color code for inner wires is paramount for your safety and the correct configuration of an electrical system. Making the wrong connections can prove dangerous, or even fatal. It’s not a hard system to learn, and the information is handy to keep close by whenever you’re working on electric wire. Each of the wires serve a different function and the color code of the wires will tell you what that is. Be aware, however, that sometimes exceptions do exist.

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Why Is Your Power Cord Melting?

20131005_130109It may not happen to everyone, and it may not happen often- but you definitely don’t want it to happen to you.  Today, we’re talking about melting power cords: the how’s and whys, and what to do if it you suspect it happening to your electronics.

Recently, there was a recall in which HP laptop power cords were overheating and melting.  HP received 29 reports of melting power cords, some of which caused minor burns and property damage.

So what caused this?

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