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Summertime Heat – How to Protect Your Data Centers and Electronics

summerheatpalmtree-587117Ahh, Summer.  It’s already  one of the hottest years on record for much of California, and in light of  soaring temperatures, it’s an important time to closely monitor your valuable electronics and data centers.  You’ll want to make sure air-conditioning and water-cooling systems are working properly, but there are more steps you can take to ensure your electronics survive the heat.

Fact:  Electronic devices tend to run 10-20 degrees higher than room temperature. If temperatures become too hot, outside cooling and ventilation is needed to prevent overheating.  While air-conditioning may fit the bill, in some cases you may want invest in an environmental monitoring system to ensure your electronics keep safe.

Energy costs can also increase during the summer months, due to an increased amount of water being used to cool down systems.  To ensure cooling down your electronics and data-systems isn’t costing you a fortune, a power monitoring system may be beneficial to view and keep watch on how much electricity is being used, potentially saving money in the long run.

Cable management is one of the most overlooked fixes to data centers overheating.  A disorganized cluster of cables can block ventilation access, causing the data center to overheat.  You’ll want to streamline your universal power cords to make sure air flows evenly throughout the center.  Likewise, it’s also important that your cables are not too long – making crowding and overheating less likely.

Other inexpensive and quick fixes for cooling data centers include A) blanking panels- blocking off unused rack space to improve airflow, B) getting rid of any unused and needless equipment, and C) spot cooling any hot spots within data centers with small portable fans.

For optimum thoroughness, a regular scheduled maintenance by a HVAC technician would ensure efficiency and proper airflow to your data center.  And exhausting heat from the data center could be the solution to your data center airflow, sending unwanted heat to another room outside of the source.

In addition to these out-of the box approaches to ensuring the performance of electronics and data centers, here are a few more approaches to keeping temperatures normalized:

  1. Keep electronics out of the sun, and preferably in the shade, especially for prolonged periods of time.
  2. Don’t leave your electronics in the car, where heat is highly intensified.
  3. Water and electronics is a recipe for disaster.  Pack ziplock bags to store your electronics for days at the beach or by the pool.
  4. Try and keep your thermostat to under 80 degrees.  This will help to ensure your electronics and data systems don’t overheat

So remember, while you keep cool this summer, keep in mind your electronics also need some good old TLC.   Contact our knowledgeable sales staff with all questions regarding international power cords and the best solutions to beat the summer heat.  Quail Electronics, by email or by telephone: 800.669.8090.

Ferrite Beads: What are they?

IEC-60320-C13 GREY WITH FERRITE_GREYYou see them all the time on your power cords. They may look like a little mini donuts or tubes close to one end of the power cord but what are they and why do we need them? Those are called ferrite beads and they are very useful in reducing electromagnet interference (EFI) and radio frequency (RFI). This can be important when you don’t want your machines to have any disruptions or interference of other kinds of signals. The beads can also be referred to by different names such as blocks, cores, rings, EMI filters and chokes.

Continue reading

Quail is back from MDM East 2014!

logo_MDMEIt was a wonderful week in the Big Apple for Quail Electronics. MDM East in New York City proved to be an excellent event with a tremendous turn out. We demonstrated some of our great products and met an exciting array of people.

The show was located the Jacob K. Javits convention center in New York City right along the Hudson River. It was packed full with over 1400 exhibitors and everyone had plenty of interesting things to bring to the table. Continue reading

Power with style: colored power cord cables

CordsAdmit it: you’re an organizational persona. You like to keep things tidy and in order. Why not do the same with your electrical solutions? Take your personality to the next level with Quail’s colored cables and power cords.

Instead of labeling cords, you can use color cables to distinguish equipment. Colored cables feature quick, low-profile identification of equipment, so there’s no need to frantically search for power connections designated to certain devices. You can even organize devices based on vitality. Use red cables for critical equipment. When constantly rearranging devices, green or blue may suffice. Our colored cables are a streamlined way of color coding your electrical system. No more guessing or accidental disconnects due to cord hegemony.

Colored cables are becoming the norm in industries such as OEM and networking sectors, including server rooms, networking racks, telecommunications, and storage. Since we offer our heavy duty and jumper cords in shorter lengths, they reduce clutter and maximize airflow in enclosures, thereby optimizing equipment efficiency operation.

NEMA 5-15P GREEN_GREENThe most common colors we offer are red, green, blue, orange, yellow, grey, and white. We’ve also extended our line to include other colors, such as purple, pink, beige, and army green. We can even create any Pantone color to fulfill your needs. In addition to their organizational functionality, colored jackets are a pretty cool way of making a fashion statement. With trendy colors like purple, orange and pink, present power personality with profound pizazz.

Our power cords and bulk wire come in all gauges, from 18 to 10 AWG. They carry all necessary approvals, both domestically and internationally. All cords are RoHS and REACH compliant.

We can custom order any color configuration listed on our website, so refer to the parts and receptacles matrix for a comprehensive array of our color coordination. Still looking for other color options? Contact our sales staff via email or telephone: 800.669.8090. When it comes to industry-grade reliability with a spectrum of vibrancy, Quail is your colored power cord specialist.

MD&M East 2014 Preview

MDM EastGet ready, Big Apple: Quail Electronics is excited to announce we will be heading back east to demo our world-leading product line at the Medical Design & Manufacturers East 2014 trade show exposition from June 10-12 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. The event, hosted by MedTechWorld, is the largest medical technology exposé on the east coast. MD&M East will include over 1,000 leading suppliers and service providers exhibiting top products and technologies in the medical field. Continue reading

The ‘Green Dot’ Spot – Your Hospital-Grade Solution

Green DotThe medical industry is a vital aspect of humanistic infrastructure. Personnel operate in fast-paced environments whose endeavors are to save lives. The medical equipment used must meet the highest of standards in powering mission-critical machinery. Such medical devices must be powered by power cords using only a proprietary standard that involves a process to achieve hospital grade approval. Once passed, power cords and strips earn a green dot – a modest icon of the strenuous process involved to power the world’s most important medical equipment. Continue reading

Most Common IEC Terms


With over 110 years of electronics industry standardization, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the world’s leading organization for the preparation and publication of international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. IEC’s “electrotechnology” provides a platform to companies, industries, and governments for developing the required international standards for powering electronics. Continue reading

Australia’s New Power Cord Marking

RCM jpgTo all our customers from down under: you may have noticed something a little different about Quail’s Australian power cord plugs. There is a new marking on the plug that supplements the Australian standard for approving electronics in Australia and New Zealand. 

As of March 1, 2013, The Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) and the New Zealand Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) consolidated regulatory certifications for electrical equipment to the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM). On that same date, Continue reading